UPCOMING PPBA EVENTS (all are subject to change):

March 7-8 and March 14-15: PPBA Bee School. 

March 31st:  Your annual PPBA Dues are due by this date!

April 16th:  General Membership Meeting.  Topics will include spring inspections and swarm prevention, along with a Q&A session with our more experience beekeepers.

April 18th:  Special Guest Speaker: Michael Palmer, a prominent Vermont keeper with over 700 hives, 40 years of experience and lots of YouTube videos about beekeeping! This special meeting will probably consist of a bee yard visit along with an afternoon and evening presentation by Mr. Palmer. More details in April’s newsletter.

June:  Bee Yard Visit.  Date/place TBA. If you’d like to volunteer for the June Bee Yard Visit, contact Mike Halby.

July 16th: General Membership Meeting. Guest speaker will be Dan Purvis, local beekeeper and queen expert, as well as teacher.  

July 18 - 25: El Paso County Fair: PPBA will have Bee Cage with Nuc at the El Paso Fair.

August: Bee Yard Visit. Date/place TBA. If you’d like to volunteer for the August Bee Yard Visit, contact Mike Halby.

September: Extractor Demo at Bear Creek Nature Center (date/time TBA).

October 15th, Fall Harvest Festival. Honey Competitions, along with election of officers, as well as presentations on winterization and mice/pest control.