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Mike Halby
6066 Del Rey Dr
Colorado Springs, CO  80918


Phone: 719 - 528 - 5483
E-mail: mandshalby [at]



Swarm and Bee Removal:  If you have questions about swarms or bee removal, please call Lazarus Fields                              at 765 - 425 - 1940 or e-mail: ltf [at]


Please note:  Bee removal should only be attempted by experienced beekeeper/bee removal people and that proper liability insurance, etc, is recommended.


If you have wasps or hornets, we will not attempt to remove them; please contact a professional exterminator.  Please see photos below to help with identification - but if you have a question, please call.   




Honey bee swarm

Typical honeybee - yellow or tan with brown stripes and fuzzy body

Western yellowjacket - bright yellow and black, metallic looking (not fuzzy); can be aggressive

Typical paper wasp - birght yellow with black stripes and pale legs

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