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July 2021 PPBA Honey Guides
July 2021 PPBA Honey Guides
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           Oct 21st - General Membership Meeting - we will try to hold this meeting LIVE, but may have to resort to ZOOM





We need volunteers to help with the following PPBA activities and projects!


MENTORING!!  We need mentors!  If you’ve been a beekeeper for a while and would like to be a mentor, contact Sandy to update

the roster and get hooked up with a beekeeper who may need some help!


PPBA Guest Speakers.  PPBA gets lots of requests for guest speakers at schools, service organizations and local expos or events. 

Most speaker requests are just for a one-hour long presentation on beekeeping.  If you could speak about beekeeping to a

school or group, please contact Sandy at 719-528-5483 or e‑mail


PPBA Meeting Program Assistance.  Would you be interested in getting guest speakers for our General Membership Meetings?  We need

a program coordinator!  If you have ideas and are willing to contact professional beekeepers (writers, speakers and researchers) and assist

in arranging dates (and transportation and lodging, if necessary), please contact Mike Halby (719-528-5483 or