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April 2020 PPBA Honey Guides
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Jul 16th, 6:30pm:  General Membership Meeting.


Oct 15th, 6:30pm:  General Membership Meeting.





We need volunteers to help with the following PPBA activities and projects!



PPBA Guest Speakers.  PPBA gets lots of requests for guest speakers at schools, service organizations  and local expos or events.  Most speaker requests are just for a one-hour long presentation on beekeeping.  If you could speak about beekeeping to a school or group, please contact Sandy at 719-528-5483 or e-mail mandshalby[at]  (BTW - Sandy here – I have a PowerPoint presentation suitable for older teens and adults that I would share.  You could use and/or customize it so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.)



PPBA Meeting Program Assistance.  Would you be interested in getting guest speakers for our General Membership Meetings?  We need a program coordinator!  If you have ideas and are willing to contact professional beekeepers (writers, speakers and researchers) and assist in arranging dates (and transportation and lodging, if necessary), please contact Rebecca Sunderlin (719-352-8311 or rebecca.sunderlin[at] or Mike Halby (719-528-5483 or mandshalby[at]


PPBA Summer Picnic.  Our 2019 Summer Picnic was so much fun – we’re doin’ it again this summer!  If you’d like to help out, plan events, \

make the reservations, etc, please contact  Rebecca Sunderlin (719-352-8311 or rebecca.sunderli[at]






EL PASO COUNTY 4H BEEKEEPING PROJECT GROUP:  Families with kids ages 8+ are invited!  We'll meet monthly on Saturdays

for hands-on activities, including time working the bees in our club hive, field trips, guest speakers, beeswax crafts, and competing

at the county and state fairs. Please join us at our parent information meeting on Saturday, January 25, 1:00 p.m. at the High Prairie

Library (7035 Meridian Rd. Peyton, CO 80831).  RSVP to Leigh Sabey at leighsabey[at] or 719.352.9329.


We would gladly accept donations of used equipment, protective gear, honey samples, or beeswax, and would welcome any beekeepers

willing to donate their time as mentors or guest speakers.




Bee Packages:  Be sure you know where your bees will be coming from. Some bee suppliers get their bees from southern states - and we want to avoid importing Africanized bees into Colorado.