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Integrated Hive Management for Colorado Beekeepers:  Strategies for Identifying and Mitigating Pests and Diseases Affecting Colorado's Honey Bees:  This is an excellent booklet from the Colorado State Extension Service that can be printed off this PDF link:


And - here's a newer version



Bear Creek Nature Center:


The National Honey Board:

The Honey Locator:


The Honey Locator is a service provided by the National Honey Board and is a database-driven Web site which allows you to search for honey and honey suppliers in many different ways.


Eastern Apiculture Society:


Western Apiculture Society:


Bee Culture magazine:


American Bee Journal: 


Colorado State Beekeepers Assn (CSBA):


Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association (CPBA):


One of our members suggested the following websites for beekeeping information and equipment:


The Colorado Division of Wildlife:


The Colorado DOW Managing Bear Damage to beehives:



Here's a link that's got great info for teaching kids about bees!


Here's another link - introduction to backyard beekeeping and things you should look into before starting:


A Homeowner's Guide to Bee Identification by



Countryside & Small Stock Journal:


Here's some local bee equipment suppliers:


Rocky Mountain Bee Supply


Buckley Homestead Supply




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